google my business


One of the easiest ways to get more visibility in search engines like Google is to optimize your Google My Business page. An optimized GMB page helps Google understand more about your business: who you are, what services/products you sell, where you’re located at, and what your website is…(so they can crawl it for more info).

The more Google knows about you, the more types of searches your GMB listing can appear in. We can help you create or update your GMB listing with the newest and vital information necessary to increase your search visibility so you could attract more new local customers.

We help you rank at the top in your local area with our Google My Business Optimization Services. 

We perform an on-site optimization checklist that includes these critical points:

Make sure content is written for people, not for search engines.  

At the core of a search engine stays the end-user experience, so the greater the
experience a user has on your site, the better.Website content

Check the Target Keyword Matches User Intent.  

Check that the content matches the search intent of the target keyword of your article.
This is crucial because if your page doesn’t satisfy user intent, it’s not going to rank.keywords

Have the target keyword in URL, Title and Heading.   

Articles/pages which have the target keyword in URL, title and heading rank higher than the ones which don’t satisfy this trio.keyword in title

Use Focus Keyword in 1st Paragraph.  

Pages having the focus keyword in the first paragraph rank higher than pages which

Set an Enticing, yet SEO-Oriented Meta Title.

An SEO-optimized title will ​ trigger multiple ranking factors​ such as user intent,
click-through rate(CTR) and keyword match so it’s important to set it right.meta tag

Write a Compelling Meta Description. 

 Meta description is not a direct ranking factor, but it affects other ranking factors such
as click-through rate, so a well-written meta description can make all the meta description